ExpatsInItaly.com has been one of the premier destinations for people who are interesting in learning about living in Italy and talking about life in Italy. Mentioned in the International Herald Tribune, as well as many travel web sites, this is one of the top places to market your product or services to the English-speaking expatriate community in Italy. We have had more than 10000 registered members since 2004.

Originally founded by Cristina Fassio, later the domain became public property and purchased by its new owner, it was re-launched as a platform to help expats buy and sell things. Realizing the need for a English language classifieds web site, ExpatsInItaly was re-developed with this in mind. However, much of the useful contents from the old web sites are still available, and news from Italy in English are regularly updated on the front page, new articles are added regularly.

Whether you want to ask a question, vent your frustration about Italy, or share your joy of living here, everyone is welcomed to discuss them on our forum hosted by Google.

We try to avoid flooding every page with many ads to keep this web site running. Your usage of our paid classified listing service and purchase of any product will help to support this operation of this web site.

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