would you come to me?


Gioia is situated in bright and sunny rooms. One wall is covered with a painted orange blossom, which is traditionally considered to symbolize pureness and beauty and to bring luck.

The atmosphere suggests calmness and harmony, and Gioia works as a sanctuary in the stressful society of today. You do not come here seeking the latest trends, neither non-stop pop nor neon lights can be found at Gioia.

Gioia’s customers want to feel good, and they come here to breathe freely and relax while they are taken care of in a personal way.

They come here to revive the feeling of gioia – happiness.

Gioia gives a feeling of exclusivity and luxury at prices that make it possible to allow yourself to relax and enjoy.

5 Responses to “would you come to me?”

  1. bardigiana says:

    Sounds very soothing and refined,sign me up!

  2. Tracie B. says:

    yes! as long as you serve complimentary champagne with my free pedicure…;)

  3. Typesetter says:

    Buona sera, avrei solo bisogno di spuntarli un po’. Diciamo che li vorrei tagliati tutti pari all’altezza delle spalle, per favore.

  4. Annika says:

    Yay! That means that if I ever get to start my salon I will at least have 3 customers! *happy dance*
    You know, Tracie, I might need an assistant who’d answer the phone for me since I have phone phobia. Whaddayasay?

  5. [...] If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would buy? I’d start planning a trip to Italy right away. If I won enough, I would buy and decorate my own salon in Amalfi, and a house or an apartment where we could live. [...]

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