I believe I can fly

One of my favorite books as a little girl was Silver Wings for Vicki. I have lost track of how many times I read it, but let’s just say that I read it enough times to still remember all the details about Vicki Barr, her very handsome pilot lover Dean Fletcher, the mysterious Burton and Burton and the ostrich briefcases.

It was not so much Vicki’s mystery solving abilities that captured me as her fabulous escape from the predictable life at home to an exciting career in which she got to fly all around the world and look gorgeous at that.

Freedom and beauty. Two of the most desirable, most unattainable things for me then, and always the keywords in my life.  

I have to admit that I feel a little resentful towards my mom, who knew about my high-flying dreams but not even once supported me in pursuing them but quickly brought me down by explaining that jobs like that weren’t for me. I wasn’t healthy enough to be a flight attendant, I wasn’t strong enough to be a hairdresser. Instead of making me feel like I could do anything, she taught me that those careers were out of my league and that I better choose a “real” job.

Today I can’t really understand how I could let a dejected housewife set the standards for my life and give me career advice.

I have come a long way and have taught myself those things I wish I had known fifteen years ago already. It has been a rough ride, but I hope that I am able to pass along what I have learned to my son, so that he believes in himself and follows his heart.

I want to help him pursue his dreams, however unrealistic they may seem at first glance.
I want to help him find out how to become whatever he wants to be. I want to support him without taking over.
I want him to know deep inside that it can be done. If you can dream it you can do it.

I will likely never work for an airline, but I did become a hairdresser and heaven knows I love to fly and try to do so as much as I possibly can. I love the energy in airports, the endless possibilities, and I love the incomparable sense of freedom up in the air, high above the clouds where the sun always shines from a deep blue sky.

It’s just a shame my husband is so terribly afraid of flying, but I won’t give in to fear and let it rule our lives and stop us from flying high. I just have to find a cure so that we can go up, up and away.

4 Responses to “I believe I can fly”

  1. Janie says:

    You should be proud of all that you’ve done for yourself without the encouragement and support of your mother. The sky’s the limit!

  2. Kathy says:

    Yes, you should be very proud of yourself! Alexander is so very lucky to have you for his mother.

    I also love airports…they’ve always seemed so exciting to me, even when I was a young child. I don’t even mind standing in long lines because it means I’ll soon be flying! :-)

  3. kikiluv says:

    I am scared of flying too. But I am getting better. My lovel of travel and desire to see new places has to take precidence over the fear. Once I’m up in the air I’m ususally ok and I can appreciate the beauty of the clouds but it has taken me a while to get to that point. I still get anxious about take off but the landing never worries me much. I guess I feel like if I’ve gotten to this point then I’m good. I do feel for your husband. My best advice for him is to dive in head first and fly and much and as often as possible. The several trips we’ve taken recently really helped. Once it becomes more frequent the less worried he’ll be…but there is always valum or xanex. That helps too. And deep breaths.

    I know for me figuring out the mechanics of it all helped. I know there are sites out there that can educate him about what is happening and what those noises are.


  4. Cyn says:

    I hate to fly but for another reason; it often makes me sick. Sorry to hear your husband hates to fly. Maybe he can do what I do, just take some meds. The stuff I take for motion sickness makes me sooo sleepy and most of the time I just sleep. Maybe he could find something just to take the edge off?

    Best of luck!

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