simple joys 10

Simple joy #10: Homemade bread, fresh from the oven.

I have written about baking before, about how it fascinates me that you can take flour and water and yeast and transform it into something entirely different, something that takes on a life of its own and becomes dough and then bread.

I have always baked bread. It soothes me, grounds me, connects me to the ancient soul of Woman.

Today I performed the simplest possible kind of baking. I made scones – my own, simplified, super cheap and quick kind of scones*. When I was very young and lived on my own, this kind of scones helped me survive. I had no money to buy bread, so I had to make it myself. I made them for my friends once, in the wee morning hours after a long night of fun, and never had I felt so appreciated and loved before. I think my friends, my rogue boys, weren’t used to having people bake for them.

It is so simple. 4 cups of flour, 2 cups of liquid, 4 teaspoons of baking powder. A pinch of salt. The original recipe calls for 1,5 cups of liquid (milk) and 100 g butter but I actually prefer my version which I invented at a time when I couldn’t afford to buy butter, and often had to use water instead of milk.
I can’t be arsed to make pretty little round scones, so I flatten the dough and cut it into squares. Bake in 250 degrees until it’s done.

From beginning to end this whole process doesn’t take more than 20 minutes, if even that much. There is no rising time, no kneading. Eat it straight from the oven, with sweet tea and orange marmalade and salted butter that will melt and drip between your fingers. Enjoy.

* Today I learned something new: I learned about soda bread, which sounds a lot like the kind of “scones” I make. Thanks, Mel!

7 Responses to “simple joys 10”

  1. annika_b says:

    [New Post] simple joys 10 – via #twitoaster

  2. Anait says:

    Mmmmmmmm this sounds and looks delicious (and I can’t believe its so simple!!). I may just try this tonight (as if I need more ways to procrastinate on paper writing!)…
    Anait\’s last blog post ..Letter to My Favorite Internet Friends

  3. Gil says:

    Sounds real good.

  4. janie says:

    Your bread looks gorgeous!
    janie\’s last blog post ..Back To Baking

  5. tracie p says:

    great pics! that last one especially :)
    tracie p\’s last blog post ..Falanghina

  6. Frances says:

    I could practically smell it baking
    This is Frances from She Who Blogs please drop me a line at coffeebarchick(at) I want to be able to send your photo contest prize :)
    Frances\’s last blog post ..Big Bird on the N train

    • Annika says:

      Hi Frances I sent you an email already, didn’t it reach you? My email is annika(at), let me know if you need anything else!

      Tracie, Janie, Gil, Anait – thank you!

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