told you so

Dare gioia – give joy. Dare to be happy.
Some of you know that this word is more than a word for me. It is also a vision statement. A name.


I chose gioia to be my word for 2012 – and it was no coincidence. I do want to choose joy this year, but bigger than that is the fact that I am finally getting to open my very own, organic hair salon: Gioia. Gioia was the original idea that got me into this hairdressing business in the first place. Gioia has existed within me ever since that cold January day seven years ago when my life got a whole new sense of direction.

My thing? It happened. I got my Plan A. The little shop across the street from where I work now, the shop I almost rented three years ago, is mine now. I signed the lease today. I will get the keys next week. My thing will soon become Salong Gioia.

my secret garden
is not so secret anymore 

4 Responses to “told you so”

  1. erin says:

    yay!!! So happy for you :) in boca al lupo !

  2. Riccardo says:

    “Volere e’ potere” that means what you want is what you surely can do it (for non italian speaking. Not you of course).

    In a tv serial a beauty salon is called “Dacci un taglio” usually said to cut a conversation, to radically change your life and even fit for an haircut.. I wish I could do the same in the past rather than being employed under a big Company whare you can be pull out every minute.

    Many compliments for your strong willing. I’m sure you’ll succeed in your activity as shown during these years following your blog. In bocca al lupo. Ciao

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