runner’s high

I have never really seen Forrest Gump. I watched it once, 15-or-so years ago, but without paying attention. I thought it was stupid and boring, with a silly running man.

I have understood that I probably ought to watch it again. It was on tv the other day. I missed it, but saw enough to think to myself that yes, I definitely need to watch it again. I saw the part where Forrest was interviewed.

- Why are you doing this? asked the reporter.
Forrest shrugged.
- I just felt like running.

I most certainly couldn’t relate to that feeling 15 (or so) years ago, but now I found myself nodding.

I just felt like running. I know that feeling.

I am more surprised than anyone, but I really do feel like running a lot of the time now.
I wish I had known sooner how good it would make me feel when I learned to do it right. When I ran as a teenager, there was never any joy in it. Now, more and more often, I find myself longing for the adrenaline rush, craving the exhilarating endorphines. I struggle through the first kilometer, knowing how awesome the third and fourth will feel. Runner’s high, it’s called. It is wonderful, and I have been missing out all these years.

I ran 7 km two days ago, 5 today. That marathon on my life list is far, far away.
Maybe I should set a goal to tick that off of my list before turning 35?
Maybe I should just run, and let it come to me. I don’t have to plan everything.

For now, when I feel like running, I will run.
Why complicate things?

I never saw it coming,
I should have started running
a long long time ago

One Response to “runner’s high”

  1. Gil says:

    I’m sure that you’ll run your marathon with better than expected results. I wish that I had your drive when I was your age.

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