It’s been six years, but I still remember when we turned the corner and saw this.
We pointed, looked at each other, jaws dropped. Could it be..? No, it couldn’t, could it? Not like that, in the middle of the city, just standing there?


But of course it could. It was.
And it was magical.

Rome. The Eternal City. Never have I been in a city where the past was so present.

I am thinking that maybe I should go back next year.

Remember my list? A marathon has been on that list since forever, and just like I was determined to get my driver’s license before turning 30, a nagging voice in the back of my head has been going on and on about how I should finish my first marathon before turning 35.

The other day my friend Viki suggested that I join her for the 2014 Maratona di Roma, and before I had the time to say no, my whole body screamed YES! For some reason I always assumed my first (and only?) marathon would be in Stockholm, but Rome! How perfect is that?! I love Rome!

Also, coincidentally, I turn 35 next year.



I might be running a marathon a year from now.

3 Responses to “42”

  1. nicki says:

    go girl! Rather you than me! I’ll cheer you on from the side!
    nicki\’s last blog post ..Pietro rabbits garden

  2. Lucy says:

    Go for it Annika! My brother in law did about 3 or 4 years ago! He and his family flew all the way from Toronto to Rome for the marathon! He said it was incredible experience running in Rome.
    Good luck and I hope you do it. Wouldn’t it be great to run by the Colesium?
    Lucy\’s last blog post ..The Beaches

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