I think I may have had the wrong approach to this whole marathon business.

You know how I started going to the gym a year ago because I wasn’t comfortable with how I had gained weight, and how happy I was when I shed that fat and built muscle instead? How I started to run and found it to be so awesome that I decided to sign up for next year’s Rome marathon? Yeah, that.

I signed up for a marathon, and started reading up on how to best prepare for one. What stuck with me the most was that it is crucial to fuel your body properly to be able to train enough. It is very important to eat enough to have enough energy to run. Ok. Fine. I started eating more. Not that I was eating too little before, but hey, I had signed up for a goddamn marathon! I had to have enough energy!

Except that I didn’t follow up my new food regime with increased training. Oh no. Instead I came down with dead butt syndrome on my left side, shortly followed by ITBS on my right, after which I went on vacation and stopped working out altogether for two months. We went to Italy for three weeks and ate a ton of delicious food – which was fine, because we also walked a lot – and then we came home and I kept eating a ton of food.

So here I am, it is August and the marathon is seven months away. I have regained most of the weight I lost, I am once again uncomfortable with the way my clothes fit (or don’t), and I am not by any means in shape to run even 5k, much less a goddamn marathon.

But you know me. To paraphrase my current favorite howlinthecarwhenImdrivingalone song: I’m not broken, just bent, and I can learn to [run] again. 

I went to the gym yesterday. Today I walked to work, which takes about an hour. Tomorrow I will put my running shoes back on and see if my legs remember what to do. Next week, a dear friend and I are going to yoga class.

I will not go down without a fight. I still have my eyes set on that goddamn marathon.

I’m not broken, just bent.

4 Responses to “bent”

  1. Gil says:

    I am sure that you will be back in marathon shape before you know it!

  2. Anne says:

    I think you have the determination in you to get back to training and fit enough to run that marathon ,, :-)

    I do go to the gym now ,, but to use a special machine to help keep my bones strong also a bit on the cross trainer :-(,, I have weak bones :-( and with recommendation from my doctor I get a cheap rate, the only thing I have to do , is book the gym LOL

    I like the title “I’m not broken , just bent” :-)
    Anne\’s last blog post ..This and that over the last few days …..

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