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simple joys 12

Simple joy #12: Puppies. Yeah, I know they’re not real puppies. They are terribly cute and wag their tails all the time though, unlike this fellow: Dear shrimp. I once had another shrimp who was a blast. You’re not. Please try to socialize a little, will ya? For inspiration, look at Mr Vain here: It was […]


My grandmother will be 85 in November. I don’t think she knows it. So, she doesn’t hear as well as she used to. So, she has had both her knee joints replaced. So what. She is the youngest 84½-year-old I know, and she has a great sense of humor to boot. We went to see […]


While I save money for future travel, my husband goes for more instant gratification. In a Sweden with 13 degrees and rain in the end of July, you really have to find indoor activities. That’s right, he’s playing on a toy guitar. Actually, today we both do. He got Guitar Hero II with X-Plorer Guitar […]

close encounters

    That’s my dad, my sister, my brother, my husband, the not-so-naked Mexican naked dog Quila, and Captain Jack Sparrow, who came to visit for a short while yesterday. Today I had a client who works full time peeling potatoes. The funniest part was how passionate he was about it.

a good start

Let’s hear it for my husband who hasn’t had a smoke since last year! Yay! Way to go honey! Alexander and I went to the movies yesterday. We took a walk downtown and had lunch at McDonald’s before entering the movie theater to watch Flushed Away. Then we walked home in the rain, the little one and I.

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