Bills and Taxes Due Dates

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Below is a list of some of the bills you will encounter here and due dates for taxes and such.

To pay, you have quite a few choices (you do not mail a check). Unless stated otherwise, all payments can be made at the post office, at your bank (via a bonifico), at their bank and at their office. Most can now be paid online. Check the links given to see if you can. Some things can also be paid at tobacconists and lottery outfits.

Due Date Description Paid To
January 31 Car Tax if your bollo expired in December online A.C.I.
January 31 TV Tax due. ?9.60 for each household R.A.I.
January 31 Assicurazione Infortuni Domestici Housewife Insurance ?2.91 I.N.A.I.L.
February 28 Car/Motorcycle Tax if your bollo expired in January A.C.I.
May 31 Car Tax if your bollo expired in April A.C.I.
June 30 I.C.I. either the full amount or the 1st payment Comune
September 30 Car Tax if your bollo expired in August A.C.I.
December 20 I.C.I. 2nd payment if not paid in full in June Comune

Note: Most of the above items will not have a bill sent to you.
You will need to do the research into how much is due on your own.

Normal bills that you will receive throughout the year (unless you are in a rental where utilities are included):

Telecom & other phone companies - every 2 months
Gas - 3 to 6 times a year (be prepared!)
Electricity - every two months
Water - twice a year
Garbage - once a year
Insurance - once or twice a year

Please let me know if there is something that I have not included.


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