Dental Insurance

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It's unusual to have full dental insurance (assicurazione per i denti) in Italy, as the cost is prohibitive. Basic dental insurance is provided under social security and Italian health insurance companies may offer additional cover as an option. Many international health insurance companies offer optional dental cover or extra dental cover for an additional premium, although there are many restrictions and cosmetic treatment is excluded. The amount payable by a health insurance policy for a particular item of treatment is fixed and depends on your level of dental insurance. A list of specific refunds is available from insurance companies.

Some dentists in Italy, including a number of foreign dentists, offer a dental insurance scheme. For a premium of around ?0 per year for an adult, you're usually entitled to bi-annual check-ups, a scale and polish, and consultations at any time (possibly including X-rays). Insurance may also entitle members to a discount on the cost of fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures and children's orthodontics. The cost of dental insurance may be dependent on the condition of your teeth.

If you have healthy teeth and rarely pay for more than an annual check-up and a visit to a hygienist, dental insurance offers poor value.

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