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You may be perfectly capable of reading in Italian, but if you're like me, the fiction I read before bed or on the beach has GOT to be in English! Otherwise, it's just too much like work.

The following is a short list of bookstores that specialize in English language books. Some of these stores have expat activities and/or bulletin boards, and give you a chance to speak English for once. Most are located in larger cities, and my list is not comprehensive.

If you live elsewhere, your local Feltrinelli, Feltrinelli International (Bologna, Florence, Rome and Milan), Rizzoli (Catania, Genova, Milano) or Edison may carry a selection of new English books. Furthermore, get in touch with local expat organizations or meeting places (such as the Anglican Church in Florence) who may have book exchanges.

I often find the available English-language book selection to be more geared to the traveler than to the resident. This results in a predominance of Frances Mayes-type, romanticized Tuscany books and a selection from the huge spate of recent historical fiction set in Italy (some of which I read against my better judgment, and have really enjoyed!). While browsing in a real store can't be beat, some situations do call for Amazon (or other online retailers). Although you pay added shipping costs, sometimes the discounts that Amazon has on certain books can make up for it. Compare prices on Amazon.com versus Amazon.co.uk to see which one works best for you. Beware that your order from the States might get held up at customs and you risk paying duty and tax.

One way around shipping costs is to enlist your friends. If you have visitors coming and they want to bring you a gift, tell them to skip the gift and trek the books: make an online bookstore order to be delivered to your friend's house, and have them bring over the books!! [If you're about to do this, please click on the banner at the bottom of this page, to support our website!]


Paperback Exchange
via delle Oche 4R- 50122
Tel: 055 293460
e-mail: apex@papex.it">papex@papex.it
A great source for cheap books and a way to get rid of yours, too. True to their name, they only take paperbacks and will not purchase hard-covers.


American Bookstore
via Camperio 16 - 20123 - MILANO
Tel: 02 878920

Hoepli International Bookstore
via Hoepli 5 - 20121
Tel: 02 864871
e-mail: hoepli@hoepli.it

German and English books.

Panton's English Bookshop
via Ariosto, corner via Mascheroni 12 - 20145
Tel: 02 4694468
e-mail : info@englishbookshop.it

Large store, also has childrens' books.


Anglo American Book Co.
via della Vite 102 - 00187
Tel: 06 6795222
e-mail: mbox@aab.it
Reputedly excellent selection of English books, and sometimes lower prices than elsewhere.

The English Bookshop
via di Ripetta 248 - 00186
Tel: 06 3203301
e-mail: theenglishbookshop@katamail.com
Near Metro Flaminio, also carries used books.

The Lion Bookshop
via dei Greci 36 - 00187
Tel: 06 32654007
e-mail: thelionbookshop@hotmail.com


English Book Vaults
via Umberto 36 - 95131 - CATANIA
Tel: 09 5325385

Libreria Internazionale
via G. La Masa 3 - 90139 - PALERMO
Tel: 09 1334536


Most Feltrinelli shops carry some original language books. Here are a few as well as some other shops that have some sections.

In Rome:
Feltrinelli International
via V.E. Orlando, 84/86 (mm Repubblica)
Tel 064827878 or 064870999
decent selection
La Feltrinelli International
piazza Cavour 1 (mm Turati or Tram 1/2)
Tel 02.6595644
decent selection

La Feltrinelli
via Corso Buenos Aires 33 (mm Lima or Porta Venezia)
Tel 02.2023361
very SMALL section, level -1

Messagerie Musicali
Corso Vittorio Emmanuele (mm San Babila or Duomo)
Tel 02.760551
decent selection, 1st floor

Corso Vittorio Emmanuele (mm San Babila or Duomo)
small section on the ground floor in the back

Throughout ItalyLibraccio is the biggest Italian chain of used books stores (they also carry some new stuff) and some of the stores also carry English (or other langauges) used books.
http://www.libraccio.it/ for a list of their locations


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