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The Brit Store: They do Marks and Sparks stuff

The Brit Superstore: They do M & S stuff too, and forward mail

Expat Direct:

The British Corner Shop: (the cheapest, so I'm told)

A general gateway site for foreign (e.g. Jamaican) foods in England, which sometimes works for Europe: If you hanker for Jerked Goat, say.

The Chocolate Trading Co:

Wiltshire Tracklements (try clicking on "links and worldwide Suppliers":

Fortnum of course:

Spices of India

Natco online

The Dutch Candy store (has Van Houten Cocoa)

Life's Little Luxuries

Holland Shopping

Duchy Originals

France Domicile

German Foopd Express


Delinostrum (good for Spanish stuff)

The Danish Food Shop


The Highgrove Shop

The Wing Yip Store

Wai Yee Hong

Stuff Back Home

Scottish Food

Scottish Gourmet Food

French Click


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