Organise Your Move to Italy

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Moving house is never much fun, but if you’re moving to a completely different country, then you have a completely different set of challenges to overcome before you achieve your dream of starting a new life in a foreign climate. Moving to Italy has its challenges, such as dealing with selling your home, but it also has a huge number of benefits, such as employment opportunities, the chance to master Italian cuisine and experience the realities of living in one of the most beautiful countries on earth. But first things first, there are things you need to do well in advance of your move, and here are just a few that will get you started.

Get Rid of Your Junk

Everyone amasses junk over time, and if you’re moving it’s time to throw a few things out before you ever think about booking your">flights to Italy. Italy is a good few hours away, and taking all your belongings can be very expensive, so throw away anything that’s broken, sell reusable items. The trick is to be ruthless and you won’t have as much to transport. If you have clothes that no longer fit, get rid of them, and if you’re not going to read a certain book or listen to a CD anymore, there’s no point taking them with you.

Get Organised Today

There’s nothing worse than being disorganised, and when it comes to moving abroad, you will have to be on top of every single task, problem and issue that should arise from your move. So make sure that you have researched your options for moving your belongings, such as booking cheap">flight tickets including any restrictions that may be placed on certain materials and furniture coming into the country.

Get Help With the Big Stuff

There is so much involved in moving, so make sure that you don’t get stuck with everything, and enlist friends and family to help you with the move. They will be able to help you pack and carry boxes, and may be able to help you with some of the more trying tasks, such as informing people of your change of address.


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