Paperwork Upon Arrival

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Here is the list of the basic paperwork you need to live here. Granted you can do without most of it if you prefer but in case you were wondering, here is the info:

First let's start with the most important one and this is required for all non Italian citizens. The Permesso di Soggiorno (PdiS) is your most important document. You need to apply for this at your local questura within 8 days of arriving in Italy. Do not assume that because your passport is not stamped that you have more time.

You can read what you need to do and what documents you will need to bring in our section on the PdiS

Once you apply, they will give you a receipt and tell you when you should come back. Normally it takes about a month to get the official piece of paper. Once you do get the official document, make sure that you have it on your person AT ALL TIMES along with your passport or carta d'identita'

Next you will need to apply for a codice fiscale. This is done at the Agenzia delle Entrate. You can read more about this here.

Next step, getting residence. To get residence you will need to go to the ufficio anagrafe at your local comune. Documents you will need are passport, PdiS, codice fiscale, registration papers for any motor vehicles, and photocopies of all of these. You should also bring your contract either rental or purchase for your housing. Once you apply they will give you a receipt. Sometime in the following month the police will stop by to verify that you do live there. Once that is done you are all set. You do not receive a document stating residency but you should go back to the ufficio anagrafe and ask for a certificato di residenza (get a few copies in carta libera) to help with other documents. More information

If you get residence, you can apply for a carta d'identita'. More information here.

Next is getting on the national health service (ASL) You can read the basic requirements here Libretto Sanitario


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