Post Completion Formalities

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The main formality here is the registration of the new Title Deed with the Authorities, and the payment of any Italian taxes due. This is the specific duty of the notary.

Once the purchase has been completed in the notary' office, the foreign buyer will mainly be interested in obtaining a certified copy of the Purchase Deed, as duly lodged with the authorities by the Italian notary appointed. A copy of the Purchase Deed (Rogito) is usually available for collection from the notary's office within two - three months from the date of completion.

Formal notice should be given to the local police authorities (Questura) of the purchase, by using a form usually supplied by the notary.

Finally, it will be necessary to arrange for new contracts (Volturazione delle utenze) with the main utilities (power, water, gas, telephone, etc.), and where the property is in a block of flats, to inform the condominium manager (Amministratore del condominio) of the transfer of the flat to the foreign buyer.

After all the above formalities have been dealt with proficiently, the foreign buyer will then be able to enjoy their newly acquired Italian property.

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