School Holidays

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Children attend school for 200 days in the school year, which runs from mid-September to mid-June and is divided into three terms (trimestri). The regional school superintendency sets the school calendar (calendario scolastico) for all state schools in the region. School holiday dates vary little between regions in Italy, although schools in Sicily start a few days later in September due to the hotter weather. Typical holiday periods for a school year (all dates inclusive) are shown below:

Holiday Dates

Christmas 23rd December to 6th January

Easter Around six days, between mid-March and mid-April

Summer 9th June to 14th September

State exams are held after 9th June. Schools are closed on public holidays (see page 60) when they fall within term time. In addition, schools in some
regions are closed for one or two days in March. However, schools don't have half-term holidays.

Absence from school is normally permitted only for a visit to a doctor or dentist, or for reasons of illness. In primary school, a note to the child's teacher is sufficient, while in secondary school students have an official booklet (libretto della giustificazioni) that must be signed by both a parent and a teacher if a child is absent for any reason. A medical certificate must be produced after five days' absence from school.

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