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By Barb in Terni


WITHIN EIGHT DAYS OF YOUR ARRIVAL YOU MUST REPORT TO YOUR LOCAL QUESTURA! If you live in the province of Perugia, you must go to Perugia. If you live in the province of Terni, you must go to Terni.

Normally certain days are for applying and certain days are for picking up. It has been our experience that people pick up their Permessos every day without a problem, but you can only apply on the designated days.

You can call the Terni questura on MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY from 12-2 at 074 448 0671 http://questure.poliziadistato.it/Terni.nsf

They use the number system but it is usually possible to take care of business after all the numbers have been called. An English speaking person called us to ask if we would like to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT for our first year renewal!

For our elective residency visa this is what we needed:

  • passport
  • visa
  • proof of income (and savings)
  • proof of medical insurance
  • proof of housing (rental agreement or deed)
  • Codice fiscale

Make sure you have (multiple) copies of everything.

You will also need:

  • a marca da bollo (tax stamp)
  • four "Official" size pictures (they have a booth at the questura)

They also have an office in Orvieto, but I don't know anything about it right now.

Once you have applied for your P di S you'll be handed a receipt‚Ä?DO NOT LOSE THIS! Until you receive the sealed one, this counts as your Permesso. There should be a date listed on this receipt telling you when to come back to pick up the Permesso.

We were also given a separate appointment to be fingerprinted.

When you go back to pick up your Permesso you don't really have to wait in line just work your way up and ask if it's ready.

After you receive your Permesso you can go to your local commune where they will issue you a certificate of residency and a Carte D'identita. There was a small fee for the residency document (about 37 euros) and you'll need more "official" photos and a bollo for your Carta D'dentita.

Your initial Permesso is good for one year. You must return to the questura to renew it about one month before your current one expires. Take everything as listed above, including a copy of EVERY page of your passport. The next Permesso will be good for TWO years, then five years, then ten.


Comune di Terni http://www.comune.terni.it/home.asp

Bevagna http://www.comune.bevagna.pg.it/

Marsciano http://www.comune.marsciano.pg.it/

Citta di Castello http://www.cdcnet.net/it/

Gubbio http://www.gubbio.com/e_index.php

Todi http://english.todionline.it/

Rotecastello http://www.rotecastello.it/home_page.htm

Collazzone http://www.comune.collazzone.pg.it/Inglese/indexeng.htm

Monte Castello di Vibio http://www.comune.montecastellodivibio.pg.it

Commune di Orvieto http://www.umbriacitta.it/comuni/orvieto.html

Castiglione del Lago http://questure.poliziadistato.it/Terni.nsf

San Venanzo http://en.comuni-italiani.it/055/030/

Perugia http://www.perugiaonline.com/ Great site with LOTS and Lots of info on things happening in the province of Perugia


USL office in Marsciano, Piazza Karl Marx, right next to the Cento Commericale (with the Coop) 075 5411

To join the Italian healthcare system we went to the local USL office in Marsciano. We had to present our codice fiscale, our certificate of residency, and (because we are retired and earn no money in Italy) our last tax return.

The payment is based upon income: 6.5 % of your total income for our area. This may vary from place to place. This fee covers you for the entire (calendar) year: if you join in November you pay the same as if you join in January.

We had to take our paperwork to the Post Office to pay, then returned to the USL office to hand in our receipt. We were then issued our medical card, which we have to show when we visit the doctor or get a prescription.

We had to select a family doctor, so if possible get a recommendation from a local before you go.

Different doctors come to different cities at different times and days. Be sure to check in advance.

Some services may require an additional payment, but you must always see you family doctor to get a prescription or an order to see a specialist.


http://www.sangallo.it/perugiaairport/ PERUGIA AIRPORT
http://www.sulga.it/index.asp SULGA BUS INFO
http://www.apmperugia.it/ A PM BUS INFO
http://www.fcu.it/index.htm ferrovia centrale Umbra regional train line

Train station in Ponte San Giovanni 075 393 615


http://www.umbriajazz.com/canale.asp UMBRIA JAZZ FESTIVAL (PERUGIA) Held in July of every year. Features well known musicians from around the world.

http://www.spoletofestival.it/ktlib/ktwse?home&TYPID=&ITMID=&LANG=GB Spoleto festival

http://www.eurochocolate.com/perugia2005/ EUROCHOCOLATE FESTIVAL Held the third week in October every year.

Medieval Festa in San Gemini http://www.bellaumbria.net/San_Gemini/giostra_dell'arme_eng.htm


http://www.movimentoturismovino.it/regione.php?regio=11 this site tells you where the cantinas of Umbria are located

http://www.perugina.it/ PEUGINA Chocolate factory. They offer tours, some in English.

http://www.stradadelsagrantino.it/ STRADA DEL SAGRANTINO Info about driving along the wine road in central Umbria.

http://www.montitrasimeno.umbria.it/stradadelvino/percorso-it.html STRADA DEL TRESEMINO. Another wine road, this one near Lake Tresimeno

http://www.umbriadoc.com/stradevino/cantico/ STRADA DEI VINI CANTINCO‚Äet another wine road!

http://www.feditgiochistorici.it/ Info about the medieval tournaments held in various regions of Italy


http://www.brigolante.com/ A great agriturismo run by our friend Rebecca and her husband Stefano. Located just outside of Assisi. These are small apartments, not just rooms.

http://www.relaisvillavalentini.com/english/default.htm The beautifully restored hotel in San Venanzo also includes a great restaurant, La Credenza

http://www.linguardo.com/alba/ Great one bedroom apartment in the center of Todi

Il Mulino http://www.geocities.com/ilmulinoitalia/ Our friends Paul and Patty own this fabulous house in San Terenziano. The sunsets are spectacular and the house is beautifully restored.


L'Arte del Mosaico http://digilander.libero.it/arteemosaico/ Beautiful mosaics from a family who live in Rotecastello

Conticelli Paolo beds, lamps, benches and more in iron, Via Trieste, 05010 San Venanzo 075 875 165


Remember that stores are generally open from 9:30 until 1:00 then from 3:30 until 8:00. Additionally many f these stores are NOT open on Monday mornings. Except for special occasions, nothing is open on Sunday or on major holidays. These are hard to keep up with‚Äake friends with a local!

Shopping Centers

There are only 3 that I know of:

Collestrada in between Perugia and Assisi Via Valtiera, 181 075 597 1652 www.collestradaweb.it

Gherlinda shops and cinemas via Nervi, 6 Ellera di Corciano

Piazza Umbra Cento Commerciale Km 147, ss Flaminia Trevi

Note: none of the stores in Collestrada close in the afternoon, and occasionally the shopping center is open on Sundays. This fact will be advertised on large banners visible from the roadway.

General shopping

In Perugia itself you can find COIN and UPIM, two large department stores.

In the direction of Corciano, the road between Ellera and Magione (via Togliatti) is lined with lots of great stores

Gran Casa - your Kmart in Italy: lus furniture via Togliatti, 84 Corciano

Emmelunga furniture and household goodsVia Togliatti, 10Taverne di Corciano075 697 8882 www.emmelunga.it

Marino Fa Mercato Bacanella 075 841 716

Mercatone Uno right next door to Marino Fa Mercato Via Fra f. Longo,22 075 847 4711

Rinaldini lots of iron, lots of terra cotta, lots of used furniture. Mosaic table tops. Via Togliatti Loc. Taverne di Corciano 075 506 8048 www.rinaldiniimport.com

Mobili Paolo furniture Via Togliatti Loc. Taverne di Corciano

Cinquemme Fabrics, sheets, bedspreads, curtain rods, Via Palazzeschi, 3 Loc. Taverne di Corciano 075 697 9314

Also along this road are cashmere outlets, an electronics store, a framing shop grocery stores and more.


The following stores not only have lumber and DIY supplies, but also garden supplies and household goods like curtains, kitchen things, lamps, plumbing supplies, shelving, etc. OBI is the closest to Home Depot you are going to get, at least in this area.

SELF is located in Perugia Via della Pallotta, 49 075 32 220

OBI is located in Ellera scalo, at Quatro Torre Strada Corcianese 218/F 075 517 2612

Geniale located near San Sisto Via Piazza Soriano, 80 075 528 0953

Hardware stores are LA FERRAMENTA, and have the basic tools and things you need for the house.

Grocery Stores

Eurospin in between Corciano and Magione and also just south of Todi

COOP everywhere. If you live here be sure to join in order to get the member prices and to earn points to buy various items.

Conad everywhere. They have the same sort of membership program as the Coop.

Electronics and Appliances

Brava Piazza Karl Marx (Cento Commerciale) Marsciano 075 741 460

IperCoop (Collestrada)

Euronics Ponte San Giovanni 075 394 349

MediaWorld (in Collestrada) 075 540 311 www.mediaworld.it


Mobili Paolo - San Terenziano (Grutti) 074 298 921 Another location on the road between Corciano and Magione www.mobilipaolo.it

Chateaux D'Ax Via del Sottopasso Ponte San Giovanni 075 599 7315

Errebinova custom-made and ready made furniture Via XXIV Maggio, 51 Marsciano 075 874 9170

Mobili Perugia Custom-made and ready made furniture Via G Galilei, 92 Capocavallo di Corciano 075 605 460

Mobili Morettini Furniture and kitchens Via Marcianese, 93 Fratta Todina (on the road between Marsciano and Fratta Todina) 075 874 3138

There is also a large high end furniture store behind Mercatone Uno, on the road to Magione

Outdoor Furniture

EMU Just past Mercatone Uno going towards Magione

Oriental Carpets

Hany Gallery Via Ponte Vecchio, 74 Ponte San Giovanni 075 599 6225

Phone Service

Cell phones are available everywhere: dedicated cell phone stores, at electronic stores, at Kmart-type stores. As in the states, prices and services vary so you have to shop around.

You only pay for the calls you make, not for the calls you receive.

Where to Eat

In Marsciano:

Ternana 075 874 2349 Via Umberto I, 30 Marsciano Ternana’s is always at the top of our list for great pizza and pasta. Casual, family style restaurant. Eat in or take away. Closed Tuesday

Trattoria Rosatelli via Vittorio Veneto, 42 Marsciano 075 874 2026 Great family restaurant serving lunch and dinner. Try the house specialty, lasagna bianco. Closed Saturday


Stefania Via Umberto I, 45 Marsciano The best gelato around! Closed Monday

In Perugia:

Pizzeria Etruschetto on Piazza Garibaldi near the Universita' per Stranieri.

Dal Mi Cocco is across the street from the pizzeria. You need to make reservations in advance mixed menu of Umbrian specialties.

In Assisi:

La Pallotta - If you stand in the main piazza and face the Roman temple, directly behind you is an archway and La Pallotta is down there. Nice little trattoria, good food. Closed Tuesday.

La Taverna del Arco (also called Da Bino) - Take the road that runs from the main piazza towards S. Francesco, and you'll see an arrow down an alley on your left about halfway there. Closed Tuesday.

In Orvieto:

La Pergola Via dei Magoni 076 334 3065

In San Venanzo:

La Credenza Via Principe Umberto, in the Hotel Villa Valentini 075 879 0105 Open for lunch and dinner Pizza available for dinner and for take away Closed Monday


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