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Our partner offers English and Italian translation services with a quick turn-around time. The process is designed to be done mostly over the internet to save you time. Often, people planning to move to Italy need to translate some documents and have them certified at a consulate. We can reduce the wait time and expenses by offering you "certified translation" and "legal value translation" options from within Italy. We can also mail you the original documents when necessary.

For bureaucratic documents used in government procedures, translation price starts at €25 per page. We can also translation any other documents such as resume, product literature, marketing material, technical manual, contracts, etc. The turn-around time is about 2~3 days for up to four pages, more for complex documents and more pages.

Price for additional options:

1-day guaranteed urgent service: €50 extra for up to 4 pages, €20 per page extra for each additional page

2-day rush urgent service: €25 extra for up to 4 pages, 12 per page extra for each additional page

Certified: 20 per translation

Legal value translation: 25~30 per translation

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