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We are located in Caserta and we mainly focus on rental properties (apartment home, house, condo) in Campania region. Mostly Caserta, Naples, Gaeta, Benevento, Avellino and Salerno areas. We are experienced at serving both the civilian and NATO military community. We offer several types of services to help landlords find renter for their house or apartment:

Active matching service to find the right tenant for the landlord for long-term mutually beneficial and peaceful rental. We also work on behalf of the renter to ensure the renter gets a place of satisfactory standard and good value for the price.

Passive listing service on our real estate listing page to reach a world audience who are looking to rent a place in your city.

Real esate sale and purchase

Whether you are selling or buying a home or commercial property, we can help you to find right place at the right price. In addition to publicly listed properties, we also have access to non-listed properties for sale as well as auction properties information. With the help of our business associates who work as public notaries, attorneys, and accountants and lenders, we can help you to navigate the complex transaction of buying a property in Italy.

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