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7 Days and counting…

“I’m going to Italy next weekend.” “I’m going to Italy next weekend.” “I’m going to Italy next weekend.” “I’m going to Italy next weekend.” “I’m going to Italy next weekend.”That sentence ran through my head as I lay awake in bed last night around 1:30 in the morning. I had come home from work feeling sorry for myself because I ‘d had no Friday night plans.

Didn’t want to conjugate verbs anymore, so I thought I’d do something more on the lines of being entertained and inspired at the same time. I ran to Blockbuster and rented ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’ . It may be cheesy, but it always reminds me of where I want to be.

I think my favorite character in the film is the little old man who comes down the road and places flowers on a shrine just outside of Bramasole on a daily basis. Frances is always waving hello to him and he just looks at her, probably thinking, “yeah, so?” (if he acknowledges her at all) and continues on… Finally at the end he turns around and tips his hat to her and she is just ecstatic over the whole thing. I am too. I hope I didn’t wake my neighbors up last night when I shouted “YAY!!!”

I happily discovered (again) that I really had no use for the subtitles when people were speaking Italian… and it was a wonderful feeling because I was able to focus on their faces and movements. It’s a different perspective when you’re not reading subtitles.

So the movie finished, and I sat there for a few moments thinking “I wish I could be in Tuscany right now.” I twiddled my thumbs for a minute wishing and wishing, when it hit me… I AM going to be in Tuscany. I’m going next weekend. Wow.

I moved back from Switzerland a year and a half ago, and when I lived in Switzerland I was constantly taking the train to Italy, partly for escape from Swiss life and partly because I have an unstoppable obsession with Italy, the place of half of my roots. I have been lamenting for the past year and a half over how much I wish I could be in Bell’ Italia again, and now it’s finally happening.

As I write this, the stereo in the internet-cafe where I sit is playing Barcarolle (Offenbach)… totally brings my mind back to the scene in “La Vita E’ Bella” (Life is Beautiful) where Roberto Benigni is at the opera but rather than watching the stage, he can’t take his eyes off his beautiful “principessa”. Yes, life truly is beautiful, isn’t it?

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