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My Pre-Italy Week of Beauty

I can’t go to Italy with bad hair. (Maybe you can, but I can’t. Sorry.)Today I have an appointment at Bella Vita Salon, near my office, where a nice lady named Trish will cut & style my hair. I’m going for an inverted bob.

Nice thing is that it’s an Aveda salon…

Maybe hair isn’t that interesting to others, but I’m also avoiding talking about how frustrated I am with the Italian language.

Just when I think I speak Italian, I find out that I really don’t. And just when I think I don’t, it turns out that I speak Italian quite well and can even hold political conversations (or just think I can). Maybe it’s something to do with the moon or the weather…

Learning a language can be very frustrating. I’m in the second year of my classes and I feel like I’ve got everything down pat. …Until I open my text book and find a deviation from what I already know.

Sometimes I think the Italian language is much like the streets of a Tuscan hill town, winding this way and that, connected in unexpected places and turning in unexpected directions. You think you’re going down one street but before you know it, you’ve turned left and are headed somewhere you hadn’t thought to go. Eventually you wind up in the right place, but not before scratching your head and staring at the map a few times.

I think this experience in Siena is going to be very interesting…

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