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Viva l’Estate

Summer has finally arrived, and I’m in love with it. I have never understood those who constantly have to have the air-conditioning on. I’m the one who seeks the nearest ray of sunlight to lay in, like a cat. Now is the season of prosecco on my balcony after a long week of work… it’s the season of not wearing a jacket… it’s a season of BBQs with friends… it’s a season of memories. And considering that I was in Buenos Aires late February to late March, I get to say it’s my second summer this year!

This picture was taken of me in Florence, five years ago. I remember that summer so well – I was living in Switzerland and I took a long weekend to visit my cousin Kristin who was living there with her baby Athos and her then significant other, Tarek. The night before this photograph was taken, we had eaten dinner in the communal garden of the palazzo where my cousins lived. It was then that I saw my first firefly, slowly blinking its way across the garden. I remember thinking that night, “This is the ultimate Tuscan fantasy.” I felt so free there, compared to the strict perfection I had been enduring in Switzerland. I loved Firenze so much I came back three weeks later. It really is home to me in a lot of ways.

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