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I’ve done it…again

I’m always looking at airfare to Italy. Always. As in, every day. Prices have been extremely high lately and it’s been discouraging, but I never give up. I was originally looking to take a trip “home” for my birthday, which is in September – but the plane tickets cost enough to make anyone cry.

Something I do a lot is throw in random dates to see what prices will come up. The other day, after trying several date combinations, I threw in “March 10 – April 10″ to see what would happen. I NEVER plan travel this far ahead but I tried these dates just to see how far out I’d have to go to get a decent deal. I was expecting to see something horrendous, but when the search results came up, I saw tickets that were less than half the price of what I’ve been seeing – prices that I haven’t seen in a long time. Giggling, I thought, “it would be very weird to buy a plane ticket 8 months out…” But I also realized that I’m working on a project that ends around February, and so this would be the perfect time to travel – I have the freedom to do so, so why not?

I shrugged my shoulders and booked the ticket.

I was very surprised by how easy it was. I still remember the time I booked the ticket for my move to Perugia, and how emotionally pivotal it was for me. This time, it felt easy and routine, like making coffee in the morning. It’s just what I’m supposed to do, and I knew this in my heart. All of those struggles I went through last spring made it easy for me to just say “ok” and plan a month back in Italy. It’s just the right thing.

I think this time I’m meant to be in Florence, where my heart has always belonged, where I’ve always wanted to be. The Tango scene there leaves something to desire which means my weekends will be spent in Perugia, but this is finally my opportunity to remain in Florence and really feel it out as a city. I’m so excited. I may take a Business Italian class for a couple of weeks when I’m there, to beef up my translation skills.

It’s too soon to really plan, so I’m not going to be doing much for the next few months (apart from saving money), but I’m excited that I’m living a dream – I’m finally creating a life for myself in which I can feel independent and spend as much time as possible in Italy. Italy is always connected to me and I don’t feel so far away from it anymore.

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