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Priorities, or, “If you want to tra la la, just tra la la”

Here I come!

As I settle in for another evening of translation (this time less words, but a little bit tricky), I feel glad to have taken a pre-translation power nap.

It seems as though this is starting to have a steady flow for me. I’m a little stressed out, as you can probably determine from my previous post, and especially about this week – not only do I have translations to do, but tomorrow night I have a Tango performance at a local restaurant, and Thursday I have to prepare enough Mediterranean Rice Salad and biscotti to feed many, many people for Friday night’s holiday Tango party. And with all of this, the temporary day job.

I’ve decided to give notice for said temporary day job, and in a couple of weeks I will be Tina, full-time translator. I’m starting to feel a little more clear-headed after this decision. The translations are just pouring in and I am ready to give it my all and make this my full-time job, which it was already starting to be.

I looked into my finances and I can make this work, though it will take a little creativity at first. The thing is, if I really want this to turn into something, I have to make the time to do it – make it a priority.

And as Argentine/Alaskan singer Kevin Johansen sings in his lovely song, “Timing”,
- do it now – don’t doubt. Timing is the answer to success. (Listen to the words, they really are fabulous.)

It’s weird. Freelance! Me!

I just hope I can breathe in the meantime!

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I CAN do it – and I did it!

3:03 am.

4500 words, translated, proofread, sent.

I’m going to bed.

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