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Christmas Eve

I’ve been a bit of a humbug this December. Not that I haven’t been happy, and it doesn’t have much to do with the Christmas Blues that I was going through. It’s just that I don’t feel the need to focus all of my energy on Christmas when it’s not even Christmas yet. As far as I’m concerned Christmas is officially beginning now and will go on for another 12 days, so with that in mind, I finally put some lights on my tree, which is very little, and I’m baking cookies. I went out and bought a panettone to bring to the home of some Argentine friends that are having me and a few others over tonight.

When I left the house today I felt nostalgic for Lucca and my cousins there. I thought about how nice it was on this day to go with Stefano to the special pasta shop to pick out the tortellini for our dinner. How nice it was to walk through that beautiful town, smelling winter in the air, marveling at how much sun there was, stopping to say hello to friends. Christmas in Italy is like nothing else. I enjoy the simplicity (compared to the States) and the focus on the food – winter’s bounty. I think I will spend Christmas in Italy next year, and perhaps every year for the rest of my life. I love it that much. I’ll have to chat with the family here and see if we can’t get a villa or apartment one Christmas and celebrate all together in Tuscany. Wouldn’t that be fun? I would love it.

I cheerfully walked down Broadway, thankful that it’s sunny, and stopped into the smoke shop to buy a friend some elegant cigarettes as part of her Christmas gift. Went into my favorite new shop, Harem, where I found a beautiful scarf and talked for a while with the beautiful, exotic owner, who gave me a candle. Got home and now I’m streaming Christmas music, ready to begin the holiday. Tomorrow I’ll be at my aunt’s house, hugging people I haven’t seen in ages. It’s a good day coming up.

And it’s been a good year. Full of both ups and downs, but certainly full. And full is good. I didn’t get bored.

How perfect that Nat King Cole is singing “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” (click here to listen) on the radio now. It’s like having my grandpa poke his head in to include himself in my little Christmas Eve. Why does Nat King Cole make me think of him?

Merry Christmas (and/or any other holiday you like) to ALL of you, and I’ll be posting before the New Year so I’ll save those wishes for later. :-) In the meantime, keep warm (or cool if you’re in the southern hemisphere), and raise a glass for me.

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