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November 20th, 2006

I didn’t realize how accustomed I’d become to the Umbrian accent until a trip up north to visit Simone who is about to move to the United States. In the Veneto it’s a whole new world, architecturally, energetically and linguistically. I can’t quite explain the difference in accents here, but you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s different. I feel fortunate that I understand Italian well enough to be able to detect an accent. It’s a sign of how far I’ve come, I’d say. Or at least I hope.

I left Perugia on a sunny, dry afternoon with smooth hair, to arrive in a very humid, foggy Verona with frizzy, curly hair – and an appetite. (Simone if you read this will you please leave a comment telling me what exactly I ate? I can’t remember the names of everything…) So after a sumptuous dinner that I can’t quite describe yet, we took a walk and I marveled away at how lovely and….flat Verona is. No hills. Not a climb in site. Very un-Perugia. What a welcome relief. The architecture had a slightly Venetian touch but the general feel of the city was slightly Germanic, at least compared to Umbria.

Though I could feel my hair growing curlier by the minute the following day, (such humidity!), I was still able to enjoy the layout of the beautiful city of Padova with its arcaded streets, generally friendly inhabitants and a few grumpy old men, as well as the beautiful (if slighly macabre) church of Saint Anthony, where I left a few Euros in thanks for some favors I’ve asked of him in the past…I loved Padova and its energy – talk about a breath of fresh air. There was an enthusiasm in Padova that I didn’t quite feel in Verona.

Though I struggled to understand what people were saying with their accents, and therefore felt rather shy about speaking Italian with them (and probably sounded like an idiot when I did), I felt incredibly fortunate to be the guest of Simone’s adorable parents for lunch…I don’t get a lot of chances to spend time with family and it meant a lot to be taken care of a little bit, especially with Thanksgiving approaching and me all the way here in Italy. (Thank you!)

My last hour and a half prior to hopping on a train on Sunday was spent in Verona watching a group of women dance around underneath Juliet’s balcony (as in, Romeo and Juliet – as in, fake tourist trap but charming none the less), placing my hand on Juliet’s right breast (she was a statue, you perverts) for good luck in love, and sitting outside with a drink, critiquing people’s various fashion choices. I didn’t really want to leave – It was nice to get out of Umbria for a bit and see something new, and I was just getting used to things. But for now, back to reality…

Some photos are in the “Le Foto” page of my blog.

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  • 1. Sierra  |  November 21st, 2006 at 4:54 pm

    You captured Verona very well. I can relate to the curly hair/humidity syndrome.
    I remember getting a gigantic gelato to eat as I stumbled down to Juliet’s balcony.
    I had a great big grin on my face asI placed my hand on her right breast.
    Still waiting for love though…

    I enjoy reading your blog. :-)

  • 2. j  |  November 21st, 2006 at 5:11 pm

    Those are two great cities and like all Italy I love the sense of history you are surrounded by. I visited the Giusti gardens in Verona. There is a balcony there that overlooks the gardens and on that balcony is a plaque with the names of others who have stood there…Mozart…Goethe…etc…etc.

    I also placed my hand on Juliet’s breast…sigh (that’s only perverted in the US, its OK in Italy).

  • 3. Simone  |  November 24th, 2006 at 9:13 pm

    Ciao Tina!
    Ok..ok..I’ll tell you what we have eaten on friday night.
    The apetizer was Luccio in saor (which is Pike cooked in a sauce made with onion, celery, sardine and olive oil)
    The main course was Risotto con zucca ed amarone (rice with pumpkins [not Smashing :-P ] and Amarone, which is the best wine of Verona)
    The dessert was Salame al cioccolato (chocolate snake?!?)

    And, to make the dinner better, we drank another typical wine from Verona, Valpolicella Ripasso by Tommasi winery.

    That was a great w-e, definitely!

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