History Repeats Itself..

November 14th, 2004

I think I’m ready for this. I have been studying harder than normal (not that “normal” is a lot), and I’ve even indulged in private tutoring to cover the points I have trouble with.
The first tutor I had was Rossella, a lovely girl about my age. I had about 5 sessions with her and I think we ended up hitting it off really well in general. She is on her way back to Italy with her husband (also Italian) for a while, but we’ve both expressed that we’d love to stay in contact. She has helped me power through some very interesting verbs that are sort of reflexive with combined pronouns, and she’s definitely gotten me more comfortable with the passive voice (since I’m not a passive person, this particular way of speaking is alien to me), and I don’t think I can ever thank her enough for that.
Tomorrow I have a session with a new teacher, Lucia. I’m hoping she can make passato remoto a little less painful for me, but I don’t know how possible that really is. Passato remoto is an extremely hard-to-remember tense that is rarely used but will be on the test. Generally, it’s only found in literature or Sicily.
Soon I’ll be again in Siena, where I’ll take the previously mentioned CILS exam, and where I hope to spend some quality time with dear friends like Silvio and Cristina. After a few days there, I will travel up to Lucca to be with my cousins.

I can already feel how difficult it will be for me to leave Italy again… :o (

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