Un Fiorentino a Buenos Aires

April 5th, 2008

A couple weeks ago at a milonga here in Buenos Aires, I accepted a dance from a man who I could have sworn was Argentine. He certainly danced like it. I was surprised when in between songs he told me he was from Florence. What a coincidence, I told him, I’m moving there in September! I told him I was an Italian descendant waiting for my Italian citizenship, blah blah blah. Since I’ve been trying to speak Spanish here, my Italian was peppered with it. As a result, he thought I was from Buenos Aires and I couldn’t convince him otherwise.

I saw him again at another milonga a week later and we danced again. We exchanged e-mails so I could be kept in the loop about Tango in Florence, because apparently it’s quite good – it’s just hard to find information about it on the internet. As we were saying goodbye, he said, “Se è più facile per te, mi puoi scrivere in Spagnolo, perché lo capisco.” (“If it’s easier for you, you can write to me in Spanish, because I understand it.”) “Ah – no no… per me è più facile in Italiano,” I said. (“It’s easier for me in Italian”). He laughed and didn’t seem to believe me.

Ah well. What can I do. Anyway, I was worried about not being able to find good Tango in Florence, but if there are others who dance as well as he does, I think I’ll be okay.

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  • 1. www.thebishopblog.com  |  April 10th, 2008 at 1:44 am

    I lived in South America (Argentina and Chile) for 3 years and Italy for 2 years and I found it almost impossible to switch between Italian and Spanish while I was living in Italy. Now that I’m back in the US, the two languages have separated… what’s up with that? Sadly, I can’t dance the tango.

    - Robert Bishop

  • 2. Jeffrey  |  April 16th, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    This is a such a unique mix of cultures…tango in Florence! I have tried to use my Spanish to find local attractions in Genoa, Italy before, and those efforts proved somewhat fruitless, although I could understand a little of what Italians were saying to me. I’m currently looking to take some Tango lessons here in the U.S., while also continuing my language studies. Sounds like you’re having a great experience preparing in Buenos Aires for your move to Florence. Buona fortuna!


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