The last day…for now

April 5th, 2006

Tuesday morning I wake up melencholy, as it is is the day I leave Lucca. After breakfast and a little bit of chit-chat with Anna, Dodicino takes me again into the centre. We agree to meet at noon, and in the meantime he runs his errands while I go shopping for myself.I can’t help but sigh as I walk through Lucca’s narrow streets lined with beautiful shops. The sun is out and warmly lights my way as I wander from window to window. I have always thought of Lucca as bright, positive city, but I am simply bummed out on this beautiful morning. I turn corners here and there, looking up at the buildings, breathing, sighing, thinking about my life and how Italy figures into it. Eventually time runs out and I meet up with Dodicino who takes me back to the house where Anna has prepared lunch.

In the early afternoon, Gina has dropped me off at the bus station where I will board a bus to Florence (so I can switch and get a train to Milan). The sun is strong and I close my eyes and take it in. I am listening once again to Eros Ramazzotti, and all of his songs just about cover what I’m feeling. Eventually the bus takes me through Tuscany and on to Florence. Oh, the magnetic pull of Florence. Oh, how tempted I am to miss that train to Milan and stay just a few days more. Or perhaps even longer. Why, oh why, does Italy always do this to me?

Still, I get on the train. The fellow sitting next to me has his laptop open and he is working. It appears as though he works for Christian Dior Homme, the men’s shoe division. It’s impossible to resist watchig him create charts and fiddle with designs. What a cool job!

Once in Milan, I feel a little more settled emotionally and mentally. At the hotel (which is right next to the airport) I take dinner alone. When I enter the hotel restaurant, everyone is dining alone. All travelers like me, just staying for the night so that they can make their early flights. It is comical and depressing at the same time. Bad pop music coming through the speakers, each person chewing, sipping, staring into space, absorbed in his or her thoughts.

Up in my room, I flip channels for a while before drifting off to catch a few hours sleep before my painfully early wake up call…

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